When it comes to providing samples for market research account managers, quality is king. Dalia’s Market Research Industry Sampling Report, which reviews the opinions of over 150 MR managers, shows that superior data quality is the most valued feature of external sample providers, beating out all other considerations including industry reputation, quick field time, country coverage, and more.

Superior Data Quality

Superior data quality is the most valued feature of external sample providers.

60% of account, project, or procurement managers choose a provider who is proven to have good data quality, followed by 40% who select based on accurate feasibility estimates and 39% who choose a provider with the lowest prices.

Data quality is highly valued but the transparency of data collection methods isn’t so important. Only 15% choose a provider based on their level of transparency.

Besides this, account managers don’t believe the time it takes to respond to a pricing request should be an area of focus. Only 7% are likely to select an external sample provider who is the first to answer a pricing request. Additionally, most managers don’t place a premium on name recognition either. Just 13% say they are most likely to choose a provider that is well-known.

Chart on external sample providers and data quality
External Sample Provider and Data Quality Chart

It’s clear from this report that the key to success for sample providers is to focus on improving the quality of their data above all else, and effectively communicating this to potential clients. Being proactive about sharing metrics and case studies highlighting data quality is a good place to start. No need to focus so much on country coverage or price request speed. At the end of the day, good quality speaks for itself.

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