Monitor Political Instability

Use real-time public opinion to monitor and predict political instability in 100+ markets.

Global Coverage & Insights

Strengthen your models, complement economic data and tell the full story with trended public opinion data from corners of the world that have previously been inaccessible for data collection.

Early Warning System

Risk Pulse early warning systems help you hedge against unexpected events that affect bond spreads, asset and currency valuations (Arab Spring, Brexit, Ukraine...)

Easy Accessibility

Access Risk Pulse insights wherever you are through API integration, Dalia’s online dashboard and email updates.

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Risk Pulse in Action

Demonstration of Trending Political Risk Scores (not actual data)

We are currently processing over 250 million answers per month for clients such as IPSOS, Kantar, Bertelsmann Foundation, Oxford University, MIT, Jaguar Land Rover and A.T. Kearney.

How Does Dalia's Risk Pulse Work?

Dalia Research uses mobile technology to measure risks and trends about the political, economic and social situations in in their country. With 5 million users coming into Dalia system every month, real-time intelligence data feeds into Dalia's risk model and is automatically calculated into indicator scores reflecting the risk situation. These in turn contribute to Dalia's POLITICAL RISK index for each country.

  • Presidential approval
  • MP approval
  • Government approval
  • Satisfaction with democracy
  • Authoritarian tendencies
  • Trust in police and courts
  • Attitudes towards tax evasion
  • Perception of instability in the country
  • Likelihood to join a protest or demonstration
  • Crime victimisation
  • Perception of increase in inequality
  • Tolerance of inequality
  • Perception of increase in corruption
  • Tolerance of corruption
  • Personal experience of corruption
  • Perception of role of foreign companies
  • Perception of foreign companies
  • Support for protectionist policies
  • Expectations about the economy, personal finance, inflation, etc.
  • Job and financial situation
  • Consumer confidence

Add-Ons and Customised Indicators

Dalia also offers clients the possibility to track other indicators in addition to the core political risk variables.

  • Consumer Debt
  • Purchase Intention
  • Labour Unrest
  • Migration & Emigration Intention
  • Social Cohesion and Injustice
  • Industry Reputation
  • Consumer Ethnocentrism
  • Ease of Doing Business & Entrepreneurialism
  • Brand Reputation
  • Custom Indicators
  • More State Institution Risk Variables e.g. healthcare, education

Dalia's Methodology Explained

As a minimum, Dalia samples according to national population statistics, education, income demographics, and more to make sure to deliver results as close to nationally representative as possible. Dalia sources its respondents from a network of over 40.000 diverse apps and websites around the world. Respondents are usually rewarded for answering questions. If you have more questions about Dalia’s methodology please contact us or view our methodology page below.



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  • Countries 1 Country
  • Indicators Included Core
  • Update Frequency Monthly
  • Accessibility PDF, Dashboard (1-5 users)

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  • Countries 10 Countries
  • Indicators Included Core + 1 Custom Survey Question
  • Update Frequency Monthly
  • Accessibility PDF, Dashboard (1-5 users) + .CSV

Custom Subscription

Custom Subscription
  • Countries Custom Country List
  • Indicators Included Core + Custom Survey Questions
  • Update Frequency Real-Time / Customized
  • Accessibility PDF, Dashboard (Unlimited Users), .CSV, Optional Assistance with Survey Design, Optional Assistance from Dalia Analyst

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