Access the World's Largest Respondent Pool

Dalia has generated over a billion answers from people spread across more than 100 countries. Leverage our platform to access the world’s largest pool of respondents.

Difficult Target Groups

Access hard to reach target groups like men, aged 18-24 who play football

Fast & Efficient Delivery

Set up projects in just minutes

Unparalleled Coverage

Reach audiences in markets around the world, like the U.A.E., Singapore and Chile

Countries with the highest coverage

Custom Audiences

With our uniquely efficient platform, we reach millions of consumers to collect high-quality real-time data for the biggest market research organisations worldwide. Every day. Here are some examples of projects we have recently completed.

We work for the world’s leading digital research organisations

Valuable Insights with Quality Assurance

Access millions of casual respondents through our unique network of over 40k apps and websites. Dalia achieves industry-leading data quality through dynamic profiling, real-time targeting and self-learning quality assurance.

Every user is dynamically profiled across key demographics, psychographic, and behavioral attributes.

A self-learning quality assurance system generates unique user trust scores based on active & passive info.

Targeted attribution of high quality, verified users to your survey.

Instant reward in the form of virtual currencies, prepaid credits, access to premium content, etc.

We adhere to the highest professional standards

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