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EuroPulse is one of the world's largest omnibus surveys, running across 28 EU countries and covering 21 different languages. The survey, conducted four times a year, interviews a census representative sample of 10.000 Europeans to track public opinion, consumer trends and market insights.

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The upcoming question submission deadlines for 2017 are: August 25th and November 24th.

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EuroPulse is structured as an "Omnibus Survey", meaning that everyone can submit questions at a fraction of the cost of a fully customized pan-European research study. After receiving the questions, we turn all individual questions into a questionnaire with randomized question order, translate it into 21 different languages and interview a census representative sample of 10.000 people across all 28 EU countries.

Global Reach

Through a network of over 40.000 apps and websites, our platform can reach over 100 million people across 90 countries

Profiling and Attribution

Users are anonymously profiled across key demographic attributes and selected according to census statistics

Data Collection

Data collection through device agnostic surveys with responsive design for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone


Weighting according to population structures and census statistics to obtain unbiased and representative results

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