Get insights on consumer demand for electric vehicles in 52 countries

  • Discover the size of the market for electric vehicles and its growth potential
  • Understand the purchase considerations and brand awareness of potential electric vehicle customers
  • Identify the most effective media channels to target key consumer groups

Published: March 2017     Pages: 16     Price:   PDF = €299 per country    Global Study = €13,900   

Why Buy This Report?
  • Increase sales by understanding the purchase considerations of key consumer groups
  • Improve your marketing by selecting the right customer groups and the most effective media channels
  • Identify your market position by comparing people’s awareness of brands producing electric vehicles
What Do You Get?
  • Analysis of potential electric vehicle adoption based on consumer demand
  • Comparison of public awareness of automobile brands producing electric vehicles
  • Deep demographic profiles of key consumer audiences: car-type owners (electric & conventional), high-end car buyers, frequent drivers and potential electric car customers
  • Drivers and barriers to adoption of electric vehicles (e.g. range anxiety, cost) among key consumer groups
Geographic Coverage
  • 75% of world population
  • 89% of global GDP
  • Regions include: Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific

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