As the battle to conquer the global market for on-demand mobility continues, a new skirmish between Uber and Taxify has cropped up in Europe.  On August 1st, Estonia’s Taxify and China’s Didi Chuxing (one of the largest and most successful ride-hailing services in the world) announced a partnership to expand Taxify’s presence in Europe and Africa. Considering Didi Chuxing’s recent string of global investments in Uber competitors, this move is not so surprising. It is, however, difficult to anticipate how this move will affect the European market, which has proved quite resistant to ride-hailing apps in general. For example, as Dalia previously found in February, only 22% of smartphone-owning Europeans have used a ride-hailing app compared to 31% of smartphone-owning Americans.

In order to investigate the European market for ride-hailing apps further, Dalia included this topic in it’s latest EuroPulse study, conducted in August 2017. The results show that Uber has the top spot in 4 of the 6 largest european countries. In the UK, out of all rides that users have requested via mobile apps in the month of July 2017, 68% were taken with Uber. Uber also has a market share of 53% in Poland, 45% in France, 42% in Italy, 22% in Spain and 16% in Germany.

MyTaxi, an established German ride-hailing service founded in 2009, currently comes in second for overall market share: 39% of ride-hailing trips in Germany and 26% of trips in Spain were taken with MyTaxi. MyTaxi also accounted for 27% of trips in Poland, 20% in Italy, 18% in France, and 10% in the UK.

Taxify was also one of 21 apps* included in Dalia’s questionnaire. So far it has 1% of the market share in Poland and 4% in the UK. As a younger startup with a greater presence in Eastern Europe, Taxify has a long way to go before becoming a true contender. But with news of it’s recent cash boost it might get there sooner rather than later.


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(*Other apps included in the questionnaire were MyDriver, Taxi EU, Moovel, Blacklane, Pide Taxi, Cabify, Drive, Chauffeur Prive, Le Cab, MyTaxi, Blacklane, MyDriver, Addison Lee, MyDriver, Taxify, Gett, Kabbee, Zego, iTaxi, and Cab4u)

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