As the economic situation worsens in Venezuela, leaving many without adequate food and medicine, hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans are resorting to emigration. According to the Migration Policy Institute, roughly 200,000 Venezuelans left the country in 2016 alone.  

Starting in November, Dalia Research began to run its monthly survey tracking political risk and emigration decisions among Venezuelans. As of December 2017, 6% of Venezuelans plan to move to another country within the next three months, 18% intend to move within the next year, and another 6% within the next 3 years. 45% say they plan to move “sometime later”. Only 24% of Venezuelans say they will never leave Venezuela.


As for the motivating forces behind their decision to leave their home country, most cite the economic situation (78%) the political situation (62%) and better career opportunities (61%). Low on the list are proximity to family (12%) and retirement (3%).  


Trending Indicators

According to Dalia’s trending indicators, political and social tensions appear to be diminishing overall. The percent of Venezuelans who say they are likely to protest has dropped to 52% as of December 2017, following a high of 70% in July. Additionally, 9% of Venezuelans approve of President Maduro and 9% also view the political situation in Venezuela as “stable”.


This data is part of Dalia’s Trending Risk Pulse Survey, collected on a monthly basis in Venezuela, Ukraine, Mexico, Turkey and Egypt. You can also find in-depth analyses on this data from Global Risk Insights (GRI), with whom Dalia is collaborating. If you’re interested in learning more about this data, or asking your own questions in these countries, get in touch!

Image by Eneas De Troya