According to Dalia’s Market Research Sampling Report, those working in the sampling industry see room for automation across many tasks. However, personalized communication is still valued when it comes to coordination, client interactions, and survey design.

Automation in the Sampling Industry

Sampling industry sees room for automation across many tasks.

Despite the high expectations of what automation can offer the sampling industry, automation doesn’t appear to be widely used within the work process. Based on responses from 163 MR account managers from around the world, most respondents automate the fieldwork monitoring process (34%). 32% say pricing and feasibility are automated. 23% say survey link setups and redirects are already automated within their work process as well.

Dalia Study Automation Graph

While there is interest in adopting more automation, it’s hardly universal. Roughly one third of respondents desire automation for pricing and feasibility (35%), cost confirmation and invoicing (32%), fieldwork monitoring (32%), and setting up survey links and redirects (31%).

On the other hand, there is even less desire for automation for the more interpersonal processes. Such processes include client updates (22%), coordination with sample providers (20%), survey design (18%), and data delivery (15%).

Dalia Automation Study GraphEven though there is room for automating certain processes, it might not be widely accepted by market research industry workers for a number of reasons: some might not have a good concept of how automated processes work in practice, some may fear further automation will eliminate jobs in the sampling space, and others might think automation is simply unnecessary.

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