The food delivery app industry is booming. No one can deny the brilliance of capitalizing on humanity’s innate tendencies towards laziness and hunger to create a mutually beneficial situation for consumers, restaurants and food delivery companies.

Now that the industry has passed it’s more challenging years and has begun to mature, certain companies are making headway as the biggest contenders. The industry as a whole is doing so well that even Amazon, which recently purchased Whole Foods, is ramping up its efforts to develop food delivery capabilities. To stay updated on the latest trends, Dalia conducted a survey in August to analyze the performance of food delivery apps. From a survey of roughly 1,500 people each in the UK and Germany, Dalia looked at the market share of food delivery orders made in the past 6 months.


Just Eat, the UK’s food delivery giant, was responsible for 60% of all food delivery orders in the UK from March through August. Just Eat, founded in 2001 in Denmark and headquartered in the UK, is operational in 13 countries and has surpassed a total order value of 2.5 billion pounds. Hungry House comes in second with 22% market share in the UK. Hungry House, which previously fell under the umbrella of the German-owned Delivery Hero, is now being acquired by Just Eat. Deliveroo, a British company founded in 2013 and operating in 12 countries, and One Delivery, which operates in the UK exclusively, come in with 11% and 2% market share, respectively.


Lieferando, owned by Dutch company Takeaway makes up 43% of the share. Lieferheld and are part of the parent company Delivery Hero and take up 28%, and 25% separately, for a total share of 53%. Delivery Hero, currently operating in over 40 countries worldwide has the highest IPO the German tech industry has seen in the past three years with a pricing of $1.1 billion. This leaves Delivery Hero with an overall market value of around $5 billion. After Delivery Hero, the UK’s Deliveroo and Berlin-based Foodora both take another 2% each of the German market.

*Correction: In a previous version of this article, it was written that Lieferando is an offshoot of Delivery Hero. This is incorrect. Lieferando is owned by the Dutch company Takeaway.

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