At Dalia, we believe in making the world a better place — not only in what we do for our clients but also for our team members as well. One of Dalia’s 5 Core Values is to “Help Each Other Grow” and we truly believe in it. As part of demonstrating our commitment to our goals, Christine Maree recently joined Dalia as Coach.

Jack from our Marketing team sat down with Christine to gain a little bit of insight into what the role of a Coach is and how she is helping the team at Dalia to grow further in their careers.

Help Each Other Grow

To set the scene, let’s remember what we mean by our core value, “Help Each Other Grow.”

We help each other grow, both personally and professionally. We celebrate someone else’s successes as if it were our own and equally treat someone else’s mistakes as if they were our own. We prefer starting sentences with “we” instead of “I” and “you” and we communicate challenges openly so that others can learn from us or help us. We do this because it enables us to progress as a team and to become better at what we do.

Q&A with Christine Maree

Jack Elliott: Hello Christine! Thank you for agreeing to talk to me and share the journey which led to your role as Coach at Dalia Research.

Christine Maree: Thank you for having me. I’m excited!

JE: So, what does your role as Coach entail? Or, in other words, what does a Coach do?

CM: Currently the main focus of my role at Dalia entails the intensive coaching of individuals and teams. I aim to equip colleagues with the tools that they need to overcome their challenges and develop their strengths. I also offer support on HR topics, such as employee onboarding, retention, and talent development. Something else that I’m collaborating on is developing an innovative model for our organizational structure.

JE: What led you to establish a career-path as a Coach?

CM: I started my career as a high school teacher. What I loved about the job was facilitating the learning experience and my role as a mentor. What I hated about the job was the politics and bureaucracy of working in a state institution. After eight years in education, I was ready for a new career challenge. I was specifically looking for a field where innovation was embraced and the startup scene looked very attractive to me. I landed a job at an engineering startup and quickly noticed that many of my skills acquired as a teacher were transferable. Since then I have taken many courses and continue to develop my skills as a dedicated coach.

JE: Can you give me an example which demonstrates a Coach’s impact on an individual’s career development or a company’s growth?

CM: I like to use the metaphor of fanning sparks into a flame. I look for sparks that are already there (people’s potential and willingness to learn). By giving them careful nudges and pokes, I help fan them into flames. They do all the work, I merely provide a structure that enables them to see the solutions themselves. Some find new sources of motivation and energy for their jobs, some create a better work-life balance, develop the confidence and tools to become great leaders for their team or organization, while some others declutter their minds and schedules to find time to create innovative products or strategies. The possibilities are huge and depend almost entirely on the individual or the team being coached.

Christine Maree, Team Coach at Dalia

JE: What made you decide to join Dalia? How were you introduced to us?

CM: Svitlana (Senior Product Manager at Dalia) and I worked together before. After she joined Dalia, I think she tried to convince me for over a year that Dalia was the best company in Berlin to work for. I finally gave in to her (she can be very convincing) and agreed to meet the founders. My reasons for deciding to join the company were a combination of Svitlana’s testimony of how great Dalia is as an employer, as well as the interesting and challenging conversations that I had during the interview process with the founders Nico and Fernando. I got the impression that they are people with a set of values that I can align with my own.

Woman standing at whiteboard

The team is our strongest selling point. It is a rare find.

JE: You have been with Dalia for over a month. What can you say about Dalia’s team to individuals who are looking to join Dalia?

CM: I would say that the team is Dalia’s strongest selling point, it is a rare find. The Dalia talent team and founders have done an amazing job at handpicking a combination of motivated, smart and sensitive people. If you are looking for a working environment free of toxic behavior and where people are sincerely eager to support each other’s growth, it’s waiting for you at Dalia!

JE: Thank you very much for all the insights you shared with us.

At Dalia, we are always looking for talented and passionate individuals, who not only shine with their skill set and experience but also with their personalities. After all, we believe people join cultures, not companies.

If you are looking for a change in your career where you are respected, your skills are recognized and you are given the freedom and the tools to grow, visit the careers section of our website and send us your profile. We would love to hear from you.

Jack Elliott
Head of Digital Marketing