This insight into the Business Value of Trust is a reference point for researchers. They can use it to consider how best to measure and communicate the value of their trust investments.

We help research agencies, brands, consultancies, academia, public institutions and other organisations better understand consumer, market and public opinion trends. Using real-time targeting and attribution technologies, our platform distributes millions of micro-surveys around the globe.

User Response Quality

Our mission is to transform opinions from around the world into insights in order to help organisations make better decisions. Therefore, the quality of Dalia’s insights depends largely on the quality of Dalia’s survey responses. To ensure that the survey data we use to build our products are of high quality, we generated it from respondents who give truthful, consistent and meaningful answers. Random, inconsistent and dishonest answers have the potential to introduce noise in the results and cloud the insights.

Dalia’s Respondent TrustScore

In order to detect which respondents are providing high-quality answers to our surveys, we have developed the TrustScore. This score assesses the behaviour of respondents in our system in real-time, and predicts how likely they are to answer survey questions in an honest and meaningful way. Dalia’s platform only distributes surveys to respondents with high scores. Therefore, it ensures that we generate useful insights for our clients.

Business Value of Trust (Infographic)

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