In the ride-hailing app world, Southeast Asia and Latin America are rising fast. Just two weeks ago Japan’s Softbank Group announced its decision to invest $100 million into ‘99’, a Brazilian ride-hailing app. 99 has also received significant investment from Didi Chuxing, who after shutting out Uber in China continues to dominate the Asian market and is focusing its newest international efforts in Latin America. Additionally, a few months after Grab (a dominant ride-hailing app in Southeast Asia) entered Myanmar, Uber followed suit.

Dalia decided to tap into results from its global mobility study to bring the rise of ride-hailing across the globe into perspective. In the study, Dalia asked 52 countries around the world about their use of ride-hailing apps. While just 18% of all survey respondents had used a ride-hailing app, the rate is nearly double (31%) among respondents who own smartphones and live in urban areas. More surprisingly, however, Dalia found that ride-hailing is more common among this urban, smartphone-owning demographic in Latin America and Southeast Asia than in Europe.


Results show that among the countries included in the study, Latin Americans with smartphones living in urban areas are the most likely to have used a ride-hailing app or site. Overall, 45% have used an app, with Mexico taking the top position in the region at 58%.

Next is Asia, where 36% of those with smartphones in urban areas use apps to request a ride. While Vietnam comes in first overall at 64%, Asia as a region has a much wider range of app usage for ride-hailing than Latin America. For example, Japan lags far behind the rest of the group with only 9% who have used such an app.


In contrast, European use of ride-hailing apps among urban smartphone owners is at just 22%, behind the global* average of 31%. (*Dalia’s average of the 52 countries included in the survey)

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