We deliver knowledge.

Dalia is a technology driven company, specialising in understanding global audiences. Using proprietary mobile methodologies and with an emphasis on quality and depth of data, Dalia is reinventing how organisations can feel the pulse of people around the world.

Since 2013, Dalia has delivered more than 1 billion answers for:

Winner of the 2015 IIeX Competition for the "most innovative startup in Europe" in the market research and consumer insights space.

What we do

Unprecedented Reach

With our network spanning 96 countries and capable of delivering 8.2 million answers per day, Dalia connects our clients to global audiences quickly and cost effectively.

High-Quality Results

We are constantly refining and perfecting our data collection methodology to ensure authentic and representative results. 

How we do it

API Connectivity

Dalia offers direct API-integration for clients to fully automate the data collection process.

Ad Hoc Projects

Our excellent client services team manages ad hoc data requests for over 90 countries on demand.

Syndicated Data

We’re offering packaged access to global audience data in over 30 markets across five continents.

Why we do it

Dalia is passionate about understanding people. We are committed to using mobile technology to engage with people in a more natural environment, providing instant, relevant, global insights. Our goal is to be known as the platform and methodology of choice for global consumer understanding.




Years Users Spent in Our System


Million Answers Per Day

Did you know?

The percentage of Europeans that would like the UK to stay in the EU

Germans that are willing to pay more for electricity that is environmentally sustainable

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